Who can see the portrait photos that I use in FamilySearch?

On FamilySearch, you can select a portrait photo for your user profile and one for your personal record in Family Tree. Both portraits are publicly viewable by default and potentially findable by others.

User profile portrait photo

The user profile portrait photo is currently used in Family Tree and Memories when another FamilySearch user clicks your contact name to contact you.

Family Tree portrait photo

Your Family Tree portrait photo is currently used in these locations:

  • In the FamilySearch header next to your name.
  • In the "Enable Relationship Viewing" feature.
  • In Family Tree when you display your information on Family Tree views, the person page.
  • In the FamilySearch messaging service.

Note: We do not advise using a private memory as a Family Tree portrait. If you do, Family Tree makes a copy of the private image that can be viewed publicly as a portrait.

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