Shortcuts for entering dates into Family Tree

Family Tree provides shortcut keys that you can use to enter "before," "after," "B.C.," date ranges, "years," "months," and "days." The following table shows you the shortcut key, provides an example, and shows the standardized form of the date.

Shortcut keys are useful when data entry is difficult and in languages like Chinese, where entering one character can require multiple keystrokes.

ShortcutExampleStandardized form
[year]-1624-after 1624
--[year]--1624before 1624
[year]-[year]1623-1624from 1623 to 1624
-[year]-16241624 B.C.
[number]y *8y8 years
[number]m *3m3 months
[number]d *18d18 days

*Note: Enter the shortcut key using the first letter of the word in English. To enter "year," for example, you would type y.

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