Migration of nFS legacy sources from new FamilySearch


Legacy Sources are sources originally entered into new.FamilySearch.org (nFS) by a user whose source box now contains them.

When we released Family Tree, patrons responded positively to a survey asking if they wanted their legacy sources transferred to Family Tree on FamilySearch.org. 

  • Some of the sources are from Ancestral File or from Pedigree Resource File submissions. These automatically attach to the individual record in Family Tree as well as the Source Box of the user who created the source.  
  • Sources associated with legacy-claimed submissions are also in the Source Box of the user. 
  • new.FamilySearch.org was shut down on June 27, 2016, and is no longer accessible. Therefore, we cannot verify claims of seeing sources you did not submit. 

Remove sources from Source Box

  1. Sign to FamilySearch.
  2. In the top right, click your name.
  3. Click Source Box.
  4. To the left of the source title, click the check box.
  5. Click Remove. The source leaves your source box but remains attached as a source for ancestors in Family Tree.

Detach source from ancestors from Source Box

  1. In the Source box, click the title of the source.
  2. Under the title, click View.
  3. The Attached To box shows which ancestors show the record as a source.
  4. Click Show all.
  5. Click Detach for each ancestor where you no longer want the record to be a source.

Edit source in Source Box

  1. Click in the box to the left of a source title.
  2. Click Open Details.
  3. Under the title, click Edit.
  4. Make your changes and click Save to finish.
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