In Memories, how do I create person tags for people with the same name?

When you create tags for memories and do not link that memory to person in Family Tree, the system remembers your tags that you entered so that you can use them on other memories about the same person.

If many people in your family have the same or similar names, it can make it hard to figure out which tag belongs to which person.

Here are some recommended solutions:

When you link a memory to a person in Family Tree, the tag automatically includes the person’s year of birth, year of death, and ID number to help you distinguish between people with the same names.

If the person is not in Family Tree, add him or her. Then add a tag to the memory that links the memory to the person in Family Tree. 

Create unique tags for each person

If, for some reason, you decide to not add the people to Family Tree, we suggest that you include distinguishing information in the tag. In addition to the person’s name, type in birth and death years, generation indicators (like Jr., Sr., II, etc.), or place-names to help you distinguish one person’s tag from another.

How do I edit or delete tags on memories?

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