How do I help another person create an account?

Helping other people use FamilySearch is a great way to spend your time. Here are some helpful security guidelines: 

  • Think twice before you let someone else use your account. Instead, help others register for their own account. 
  • When you are at a library or some other public place, avoid creating a generic account that you do not intend to ever use again. 
  • Avoid creating an account for another person. Teach him or her how to sign up. If you must do the typing, be sure that the other person is with you. The person must choose a preferred method of contact, read the conditions-of-use statement, and create a password. 

The guidelines are especially important for people who help others at a FamilySearch center or some other public space. 
Thank you for your interest in helping grow our Family Tree. Thank you for serving others.

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