How do I create my own sources in Family Tree?

You can add sources to both living and deceased individuals in Family Tree. These sources can come from personal knowledge, interviews, family records, letters of correspondence, or other written or oral sources. We encourage you to provide as much source information as possible for each name and for each event that you contribute to FamilySearch Family Tree.
Note: To add a source, simply navigate to the ancestor's Person page, on the website or through the FamilySearch Family Tree app. Then click or tap the tab labeled Sources. Follow the prompts that follow for adding a source. 


  • When attaching a source to an ancestor's record, provide enough context for other users to trust and know where to find it. If possible, include a full web address. 
  • If the source is a document from Memories, help other users know where and how to find it.
  • If a source is not online or in Memories but you have a citation, leave the Web Page URL field blank and enter information in the other fields.
  • Enter a title that helps you recognize the specific record later.
  • Enter information that can help people find the source again, even if the website it links to is not available in the future.
  • Enter any other information that you think would help others understand the information or find what they need in the record.                 

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