How can I get help with a partner site or app?

FamilySearch has partnerships with various organizations. FamilySearch Support provides help using our Solutions Gallery to find and get access to our partners' products, apps, and websites. For help actually using a partner's product, please contact the partner.

In the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery, each of our partners provides information about how to contact their support department. Partners provide email addresses, websites, phone numbers, or a combination.

Steps (website)

  1. Go to the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery.
  2. Find the partner that you want to contact.
  3. Click the partner's tile and open the information.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Solution Support section.

Steps (mobile app)

To access the Solutions Gallery, please use the website on a browser.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

To access the Solutions Gallery, please use the full version of the website.

How do I find partner products?
Why does FamilySearch partner with other organizations?

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