How do I fix errors on a Family Tree discovery page?

To fix errors on a Family Tree discovery page, create a free account on FamilySearch. Creating a FamilySearch account gets you access to a massive collection of genealogical records and tools, including access to the Family Tree.

Time needed to update discovery pages

To update the discovery page, you need to update the person's information in Family Tree. Please be aware that it can take some time for the discovery pages to be refreshed after you correct the information in Family Tree.

Standardized dates and places

If you compare information shown in the Family Tree to the information shown on the discovery page, you may see that the discovery page displays a different date or place from Family Tree. This is because Family Tree stores two versions of each date and place:

  • The date and place exactly as the user entered it.
  • A standardized date and place that help FamilySearch systems correctly interpret the user-entered date or place.

In many cases, the user-entered and standardized information is identical. When they are different, the discovery page displays standardized dates and places.

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