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A critical delay, stormy seas, and landing off-course—such were the twists and turns that defined the Mayflower's voyage.
Check out the Mayflower descendants who are as famous as their pilgrim ancestors!
Discover the names and motivations of passengers who sailed on the Mayflower.
In 1620, the sailing vessel Mayflower set sail from England carrying farmers, merchants, and English Puritan Separatists searching for a new land where they could worship as they wished. The voyage to the new world took 66 days and ended when the ship anchored near what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts. The citizens of Plymouth Colony, now known as Pilgrims, faced many struggles as they settled the land. With hard work, determination, and much suffering, these brave individuals set a foundation for what is now the United States of America.
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The cabin was the general sleeping quarters for the crew of the Mayflower. The crew members took shifts working the ship and sleeping in this small space.
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The cargo hold is where the Pilgrims stored their cargo, which consisted of biscuits, salt, dried beef, salted pork, oats, peas, beer, wheat, clothing, canvas sheets filled with straw for bedding, pots, pans, utensils, and tools for building and farming.
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The gun deck is where the cannons were located. On merchant ships, this deck was also used to hold additional cargo, which often included human cargo, meaning that the ship’s passengers lived here day in and day out. All 102 passengers on the Mayflower’s journey to the new world lived in this cramped 58-foot by 24-foot space, with very little privacy and only occasional opportunities to venture to the top deck to enjoy the sunshine and fair weather.
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We know what you’re thinking, but the poop house actually served as living quarters for the ship’s captain and officers.
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mayflower passengers--a man, woman, and their son

Mayflower Descendants Facts

How many descendants of the Mayflower are alive today?

According to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, there may be as many as 35 million living descendants of the Mayflower worldwide and 10 million living descendants in the United States.

What percentage of Americans are descendants of the Mayflower?

According to one survey, around 25 percent Americans believe they descended from Mayflower passengers.

However, the actual percentage is likely much lower—it is estimated that 10 million people living in the United States have ancestors who descended from the Mayflower, a number that represents only around 3.05 percent of the United States population in 2018.

Which Mayflower Pilgrim has the most descendants?

Based on data from Mayflower Society descendant applications, John Alden and Priscilla Mullins are the Mayflower pilgrims with the most descendants. Other couples with a large number of descendants include William and Mary Brewster and John Howland and wife Elizabeth Tilley.

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List of Mayflower Passengers with Descendants

See if you are related to a Mayflower passenger by visiting the passenger’s FamilySearch profile page. If you have a family tree on, you just can click the View My Relationship link on the top right corner of the profile page to see if you are related! (If you don’t, you can create a free one today!)

Below is a list of Mayflower passengers and couples with known descendants. (Note: This list does not include child passengers with descendants if the parents are already listed.)

John Alden and Priscilla Mullins

Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris

John Billington and Elinor

William Bradford

William Brewster and Mary

Peter Browne

James Chilton and Mrs. Chilton

Francis Cooke

Edward Doty

Francis Eaton and Sarah

Moses Fletcher

Edward Fuller and Mrs. Fuller

Samuel Fuller

Stephen Hopkins and Elizabeth Fisher

John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley

Richard More

William Mullins and Alice

Degory Priest

Thomas Rogers

Henry Samson

George Soule

Myles Standish

John Tilley and Joan Hurst

Richard Warren

William White and Susanna Jackson

Edward Winslow

Full Mayflower Passenger List

The following Mayflower passenger list is organized by surname and includes the person’s age at departure (if it is known). Heads of each family group are labeled either as a Separatist, non-Separatist, servant, or ship’s crew. Those with an asterisk by their name (*) are passengers who died at Sea. The relationship to the head of the household is also indicated. You can view an original Mayflower passenger list here.

  • Alden, John—ship’s crew, 21
  • Allerton, Isaac—Separatist, 34
    • Mary Norris—wife, 30
    • Bartholomew—son, 7
    • Remember—son, 5
    • Mary—daughter, 3
  • Allerton, John—ship’s crew
  • Billington, John—non-Separatist, 38
    • Eleanor—wife, 33
    • John—son, 16
    • Francis—son, 14
  • Bradford, William—Separatist, 30
    • *Dorothy May—wife, 21
  • Brewster, William—Separatist, 54
    • Mary—wife, 40
    • Love—son, 9
    • Wrestling—son, 6
    • Richard More—ward, 6
    • Mary More—ward, 4
  • Britteridge, Richard—non-Separatist, 39
  • Browne, Peter—non-Separatist, 20
  • *Butten, William—servant to Samuel Fuller
  • Carter, Robert—servant to William Mullins
  • Carver, John—Separatist, 35
    • Katherine White—wife, 30
    • *Jasper More—ward, 7
  • *Chilton, James—Separatist, 64
    • Mrs. Chilton—wife, 58
    • Mary—daughter, 13
  • Clarke, Richard—non-Separatist
  • Cooke, Francis—Separatist, 37
    • John—son, 13
  • Crackstone, John—Separatist, 45
    • John—son, 20
  • Dorothy—servant to John Carver, 18
  • Doty, Edward—servant to the Hopkins family, 21
  • Eaton, Francis—non-Separatist, 25
    • Sarah—wife, 21
    • Samuel—son, 1
  • “Mr. Ely”—ship’s crew
  • English, Thomas—ship’s crew
  • Fletcher, Moses—Separatist, 55
  • Fuller, Edward—Separatist, 45
    • Mrs. Fuller—wife, 35
    •  Samuel—son, 12
  • Fuller, Samuel—Separatist, 40
  • Gardiner, Richard—non-Separatist
  • Goodman, John—Separatist
  • Hooke, John—servant to the Allerton family, 13
  • Holbeck, William—servant to the White family, under 21

  • Hopkins, Stephen—non-Separatist, 38
    • Elizabeth Fisher—wife, 25
    • Constance—daughter, 14
    • Giles—son, 12
    • Damaris—daughter, 2
    • Oceanus—son, born on the Mayflower

  • Howland, John—servant to John Carver, 21
  • Langmore, John—servant to the Martin family, under 21
  • Latham, William—servant to John Carver, 11
  • Leister, Edward—servant to the Hopkins family, over 21
  • Margesson, Edmund—non-Separatist
  • Martin, Christopher—non-Separatist, 38
    • Mary Prower—wife, 35
    • Solomon Prower—stepson, 14
  • Minter, Desire—servant to John Carver, 15-18
  • Mullins, William—non-Separatist, 52
    • Alice—wife, 48
    • Priscilla—daughter, 18
    • Joseph—son, 14
  • Priest, Degory—Separatist, 41
  • Rigsdale, John—non-Separatist
    • Alice Rigsdale—wife
  • Rogers, Thomas—Separatist, 48
    • Joseph Rogers—son, 17
  • Soule, George—servant to Edward Winslow, 21–25
  • Standish, Myles—non-Separatist, 23
    • Rose Standish—wife, 27
  • *Thompson, Edward—servant to the White family, under 21
  • Tilley, Edward—Separatist, 32
    • Agnes Cooper—wife, 35
    • Henry Samson—nephew, 16
    • Humility Cooper—niece, 3
  • Tilley, John—Separatist, 49
    • Joan Hurst—wife, 53
    • Elizabeth—daughter, 13
  • Tinker, Thomas—Separatist
    • Mrs. Tinker—wife
    • Boy Tinker—son, unknown
  • Trevore, William—ship’s crew
  • Turner, John—Separatist, 30
    • Boy Turner—son, unknown
    • Boy Turner—son, unknown
  • Warren, Richard—non-Separatist
  • White, William—Separatist, 30
    • Susanna Jackson—wife, 25
    • Resolved—son, 5
    • Peregrine—son, born on Mayflower
  • Wilder, Roger—servant to John Carver, under 21
  • Williams, Thomas—Separatist
  • Winslow, Edward—Separatist, 25
    • Elizabeth Barker—wife, 23
    • Ellen More—ward, 8
    • Elias Story—ward, under 21
  • Winslow, Gilbert—non-Separatist, 20

The Mayflower Society member applications and tree project in FamilySearch’s Historical Records were made possible through a joint partnership with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and New England Historic Genealogical Society, also known as American Ancestors. The biographical information about the Mayflower passengers was provided through the Great Migration Study Project sponsored by American Ancestors.

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