What's New on FamilySearch—June, 2015


Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch.org website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.org. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.



New Memories Feature

When you add photos from a person’s Memories page, Family Tree automatically adds a tag to the photo. You usually have to adjust the position and size of the tag, and you may want to add a description or add tags to other people in the photo. That’s easy if you add one photo at a time.

Many users prefer to upload several photos for a person and then adjust or add the tags. You had to go to the person’s Memories page, open one photo, adjust or add the tags, and then return to the person’s Memories page to open the next photo. You had to go to the person’s Memories page between every photo. Users have asked if we could simplify the process. So we did.

Arrows have been added to the page where you tag the photo. Open one photo, adjust or add the tags, and then click an arrow to go to the next or previous photo. You no longer have to go to the Memories page between each photo.

New Partners

FamilySearch works with a variety of partners to provide you with as many ways as possible to find, add, and share information about your ancestors. If a product or feature is listed as “FamilySearch Certified,” it means the product is compatible with FamilySearch.org and has features that conform to our strict standards of quality.

To see new and existing partners and certified products, see www.FamilySearch.org/apps. New partners are added as their products are certified.

Coming Soon

More Color and Icon Changes

We will be making more changes to the colors and icons in the next month.

  • “Record Hints” will be changed to a bright orange with an image that looks like a record.
  • “Research Suggestions” will change to an image that looks like a sign post.

Here’s an example of the new icons and colors on a Descendancy view.













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