What’s New on FamilySearch—February 2017


Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch.org website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.org. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.





Recently Released

Search Records

There is a new banner inviting you to sign in to FamilySearch to see which individuals in the search results are already linked to your Family Tree.

In search results, if you are signed in, you can now see if a record is linked to someone in your Family Tree. Looking at the individual in Family Tree may help you discover other attached records, photos, and stories of the ancestor. If you are not logged in, we will prompt you to sign in to learn more about your ancestors, participate in the community, and learn from the discoveries of others.

7 Easy Steps to Use Photos to Research Your Family History


FamilySearch Memories have been improved to help you in your family history efforts:

New Actions Menu

A new Actions menu allows you to rotate photos and documents to the left or right, change photos to documents or documents to photos, download, and perform other tasks.

7 Easy Steps to Use Photos to Research Your Family History

The Not in an Album Option

A new option allows you to filter the memories in your gallery to see which ones are not in an album:

7 Easy Steps to Use Photos to Research Your Family History

Social Media Sites

You will soon be able to import your memories into FamilySearch from different social media platforms.


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The bottom of every FamilySearch page has a “Feedback” link. Clicking that link is the best way to provide suggestions, compliments, or complaints to the people at FamilySearch who can do something about it. While they may not be able to respond personally to every suggestion, FamilySearch engineers personally review each piece of feedback and consider what might be done. Your voice will be heard. Don’t be shy! 

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