Welcome to Web Indexing!


The new web indexing program will be rolling out throughout the remainder of this year!

As Temple and Family History Consultants, you can become familiar with the tool and make a plan for the volunteers in your ward/stake to try it out. You may have active volunteers, as well as those who haven’t submitted for months, and some who have never indexed but will love the new tool.

We hope the changes to this program will make things easier for everyone.

Who It’s For

The new web indexing tool is for everyone. Youth and newer indexers will love the straight-forward layout and interaction of the tool, which has several new features.

The tool now allows those with access to index by going to www.familysearch.org/indexing/my-indexing.

How to Use It

Click “Find Batches” and choose a project to get started. All volunteers will now be able to see project progress as they choose where they would like to work. Among those that have tested this tool youth and first time volunteers have particularly enjoyed the new interface. We are daily making improvement as for those who are more experienced.

Why Indexing

Indexing plays a critical role in filling the Family Tree with hints so families can find names and take them to the temple. In 2012 the First Presidency reminded us, “Members are encouraged to participate in FamilySearch indexing which is vital to family history and temple work.” Thank you for all you’ve done to share this message with those you serve. The good news… indexing is becoming much easier!

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