The Stories a Tombstone Can Tell


I'm not ashamed to admit that I love walking through cemeteries. I always have since I was old enough to walk. In fact, it’s on my bucket list to visit more than 100 cemeteries throughout the world before I die and document them with pictures. I like visiting cemeteries because it’s so fascinating to see all the different ways people find to decorate their tombstones.

This past summer, my wife and I were driving along California’s Coast Highway and stopped in the small seaside town of Cambria. After getting settled in to our hotel room, we went for a walk down a wooded road. It wasn’t long before we happened to come across a quiet rustic cemetery nestled back in the woods. We spent the rest of our daylight hours looking with fascination at all the wonderful headstones that were there, commemorating the lives of those who have taken up residency in that wooded cemetery. We stayed there until we lost all daylight and could hear the owls hooting in the trees at the far end of the cemetery.

One of the great fascinations of visiting cemeteries are the decorations and symbols found on the tombstones. Some of these symbols are obvious while others leave you wondering. Lisa Moncur from has written a blog post discussing the meaning of tombstone symbolism. Take a minute to read it and see what you discover. It may give a whole new meaning to your next visit to the cemetery. To visit Lisa’s blog post, click here.

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