Thank You Italian Indexers

We want to express appreciation to each of you who have participated this past year in the indexing of Italian records. It has been a very successful year, yielding nearly 3,000,000 searchable records. The goal for 2013 is to index and arbitrate 6,000,000 records.

Doing so will require a substantial increase in the number of indexers who are focused on Italian indexing. If you have acquaintances that are not yet engaged in indexing, or who may have a desire to support the Italian Ancestors project, please encourage them to do so. As you may know from your own experience, one need not know Italian to contribute.

FamilySearch provides many resources to help indexers get started, including the informative Italian Indexing Guide for post-1875 birth records, with which you are likely familiar. Guides for other record types will be available in the future.

In total, FamilySearch, in cooperation with the National Archives of Italy, is digitizing an estimated 115 million images of birth, marriage, and death certificates containing approximately 500 million names.

This treasure trove of genealogical information will become searchable only as you and other volunteers continue to support and promote this effort.

Thank you again for your dedicated service. Because of you, millions of family connections are already being made by those of Italian descent.

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