Sharing Your Photos and Stories


When it comes to sharing family photos, you have a lot of choices these days like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and email. But what about family history photos, the ones of ancestors from days gone by?

Do you need to use a different tool to share and preserve them? Luckily, no!—the best place to discover, preserve, and share ancestor family photos—has free tools that allow you to do both: preserve your family memories forever and share them socially with your family in the precious present.

Social Sharing

It’s easy to share what you upload or discover on There is a Share button on each individual photo or story page, in each album (see graphic), and on a person’s photo and story page. Using the Share button gives you control over how the photo, story, or album is shared.

You can also simply like, pin, tweet, or +1 any image, story, or album using the social media buttons.


Sharing Through FamilySearch Family Tree

Even if you don’t use social media, you have a great way to share the photos in your collection with siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents. Simply upload photos to, tag the people in each photo, and link each person to FamilySearch Family Tree. Anyone closely related to the tagged people will now see them listed with a thumbnail photo on their own People page. Thumbnails with the golden sash icon in the lower right corner indicate a person added by someone else.

Sharing Photos to Find Names for the Temple

Many Church members have found ancestors needing temple ordinances as they’ve used the Photos feature on As you upload and share photos with other family members on FamilySearch, extended family may help you identify people in those photos who are missing from your family tree. Those individuals may need temple ordinances.

What are you waiting for? Start preserving and sharing your family memories today!

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