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I’m the first one in my family to develop an app. In fact, I'm the first one of anyone in my circle- extended family & friends- to develop an app. At times it can feel daunting. It’s such a whole new world and technology is always changing & evolving so it’s important to stay ahead with creative ideas. Many times the examples of my parents, grandparents & great-grandparents have helped me on this journey.  I’ve learned so much about myself & the world that it’s teaching me life lessons I hope I can pass down to my own children & grandchildren.

I’ve learned that hard work, innovative ideas & a good, solid team is essential to build anything from the ground up. My mom & dad are some of the hardest workers I know. They never complain & are always cheerful as they have worked to build their happy & successful lives. My grandpa used to always say: “Be the idea person.” His 3 children all pursued their dreams of creative professions & I can feel my family’s creative ideas in my heart. It must be genetic! My grandma was so good at making everyone around her feel like they were so important. I believe this is crucial when building a good, solid team (or family.) When we all know we are valued & loved we want to work hard & give our hearts to the goals & activities we are pursuing. These have all helped in building our app business.

I’ve learned that confidence in yourself is critical & even when some may not ‘get’ your vision, you’ve got to plow through the obstacles until you’re on the other side.  I’ve learned that when I follow my heart & listen in the really still moments, it always leads me in the right direction.  Although I didn’t know my great-grandpa for very long, I do know he was always enthusiastic & energetic to get the job done even when there were obstacles. I was just a young girl, but hearing stories of him I can see some of his characteristics in me. When I think of those that went before me, it gives me more courage & confidence to pursue my goals & dreams.  I believe knowing our family’s personalities can help us build our confidence, too. My grandpa used to always say: Enjoy the journey. When I listen to & follow my heart, no matter the point in my journey I can enjoy it. The ups, the downs, the obstacles, & the successes all paint this beautiful picture of going forward in a new horizon. As daunting as it may seem sometime, I know I’ve got my family history behind me & it gives me courage to go on & work hard.  With each adventure I hope to instill in my own children & grandchildren the importance of these life lessons that they can learn from their ancestors. We can do anything with family.


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