Record Matching—An Essential Step for Arbitrators

Why should you record match before jumping into arbitration? Record matching creates a correct and fair comparison between indexer A’s and indexer B’s recorded names. The records may need to be matched if an indexer skipped a record, duplicated a record, or entered one or more records in the wrong order. Skipping this important step could lead to the loss of the indexer’s or arbitrator’s hard work.

By correctly lining up these records in the beginning, most mistakes are corrected, and arbitration becomes much easier. If an arbitrator skips the step of record matching, all of the arbitrator’s work on misaligned records becomes invalid and must be redone.

To refresh your memory on how to record match, view these tutorials.

Record matching will improve your arbitration experience, as well as ensure that the indexer’s hard work will not be discarded.

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