Reclaiming Our African Roots

What is Reclaiming Our African Roots?

Reclaiming Our African Roots is a cause to make over 25 million records of the African diaspora available and easily searchable online. To make this possible, information regarding formerly enslaved individuals and free people of color needs to be collected from records and cemeteries. Here's how you can help:

Lead a Project
Index Historical Records
Clean Up a Cemetery
Learn About Additional Volunteer Opportunities

The Purpose of this Site

This is our temporary site. We invite you to learn more about the cause and register to help based on your interests. The permanent landing page will be available in the coming months and will be publicly promoted and ready for searching and sharing at that time. Thank you!

Learn How to Lead a Project

Utilize your leadership skills to organize volunteer efforts focused around a historic record collection or cemetery within a particular area.

Learn How to Volunteer

There’s more than one way to get involved. Learn about the different volunteer opportunities.

Visit the Reclaiming Our African Roots forum to ask questions and share ideas with other groups leaders!


"I found satisfaction and fulfillment in being able to participate in a viable project that helped 'right the wrongs' that have been perpetuated against enslaved peoples, particularly in my own country, and specifically, in my own state." - Ceci N., Louisiana

"What I liked most was becoming familiar with these documents, which will ease any future research in Colleton County and elsewhere." -William D., Georgia

"It's very easy and lots of fun. I also love adding records for African Americans to find their ancestors. Their information is so lacking online; with these projects we can really help make their historical records available." -Holly J., California

Media Requests

For media requests, please use this downloadable pilot press release template.



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