Photos and Stories Update

Recent additions to our Photos and Stories tool make it even easier to capture, preserve, and share your priceless family memories. Here’s a recap of some of these new features. You can also jump right into the tool to discover them on your own.

Find photos and stories in Google Search

For some time you have been able to search for photos from within the Photos and Stories tool on We recently made the same index available to Google, meaning that Google searches now have access to the words, names, and phrases that are included in the tags, titles, and descriptions for the photos you upload and the stories you share. So, the priceless family memories you add to Photos and Stories just might be found and enjoyed by relatives and friends that aren’t yet be familiar with FamilySearch. Visit Google Search and give it a try!



If you’re seeing small blue dots all over the Photos and Stories pages, don’t rush out to see your ophthalmologist. You are simply seeing a new indicator (“badge”) that tells you at-a-glance how many tagged people, comments, and stories have been added for each photo. There is also a badge that shows how many albums the photo appears in. Since it would be impossible to show all the comments, stories, album names and people names all at once, the badges let you know what more there is without having to click on each item to check.


Personal ID Number—PID

Every person listed in Family Tree is assigned a person identification number—called a PID. The number can be found in several places.


It is simple to link the faces tagged in the photos you upload to people listed in the Tree using the PID. A tag in a photo will show a red dot with an exclamation point, indicating that the person is not linked to Family Tree. Clicking on the person reveals the “Link to Family Tree” option which, when selected brings up the “Identify this person in Family Tree” dialogue box. At the bottom of the dialogue is a place to paste in the PID of the person you want to link to. This is a quick and easy way to make links that will allow other family members to see the photos you upload. If you have the Family Tree open in one window and the Photos tool open in another, it is easy to copy and paste the number into the right place and make the link.


Coming Soon: New file type and site design



Look at the image above: do you notice anything different about the navigation? On the current Photos and Stories navigation, you have options to view all your photos, view by people tagged, view by album, view stories, and search by keyword. We are working on a new classification for uploaded material: Documents. This is frequently requested feature—to be able to designate an uploaded image as a document. Documents will still be taggable (and linked to Family Tree), but with squared-off edges instead of the circles used to tag faces. In addition to introducing the Documents classification, we will also start offering the ability to upload multi-page PDFs.

Adding documents is a step toward a new Photos and Stories site design that will be based around albums. In addition to general refinements to the look and feel, the new design will make it easier to preserve family memories, organize them, and share them with family. Watch for more information about these upcoming enhancements on the FamilySearch blog and in future editions of this newsletter.

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