Paying it Forward—Genealogy Style

Pay it Forward--shutterstock_104520152

Most of us have heard of the concept of paying it forward.  It’s really a pretty great concept. It’s the idea that when someone does something good to you, you pay it forward by doing something good to someone else. If more people practiced this concept, the world would be a lot better off. Over the years I’ve found that genealogists and family historians are pretty good at paying it forward.

Lisa Moncur, blogger for the BillionGraves website, recently wrote a blog post about a man named Lyle Clugg who really loves paying it forward. Lyle Clugg was so excited about BillionGraves when he first learned about it, that he went out and bought his own smartphone just so he could go out and photograph digital images of tombstones where ever he travels.

His is a great story of how his passion for photographing tombstones has touched and enriched the lives of other people, including his own. Read more about Lyle Clugg and his experiences of changing lives by paying it forward.

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