One Week. One Hundred Thousand Volunteers. Come Help “Fuel the Find*” Around the World!

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The Worldwide Indexing Event is coming August 7-14, 2015, and this year it’s one week long! Join volunteers from around the world to help “Fuel the Find”*. You have one week to participate by indexing at least one batch in the language of your choice. If you are fluent in a non-English language, challenge yourself by helping to index in that language. We are especially looking for help indexing French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish records.

This year we’re going for a record 100,000 volunteers (the current one-week record is 91,721), but big numbers mean more when we’re helping meet the greatest need. English speakers have billions of records to search on—20 times more than all other languages combined! Let’s help people across the world find their ancestors too! All it takes is one batch indexed sometime during the week to be counted.

Some Tips to Get the Most out of the Worldwide Indexing Event

The response to last year’s Worldwide Indexing Event was so overwhelming that it actually crashed the indexing system. That’s not news to those of you who suffered through the downtime waiting for the demands on the system to subside. The problem, as far as we have been able to determine, was not too many people, but too many people all at once.

To avoid that problem this year, we have extended the event to a full week, asking for volunteers to complete at least one indexing or arbitration batch sometime during the week. You don’t have to be there when the starting gun goes off—in fact, we’re not even announcing a starting time. To be sure you’re counted in the record attempt maybe wait a day or two after things get rolling to do your batch.

Now, many of you will want to do a lot more than one batch and we think that’s great. To help you avoid any possible bottlenecks in system performance, we suggest downloading your batches in advance of the event and working in offline mode. This will help individual efforts or group efforts if you have a group indexing event planned.

Finally, consider bringing a friend along with you. We really need people with non-English native language skills to help index so if you know someone and you don’t mind teaching them how to index, please encourage them to volunteer. We’re making it easy to promote the event to your indexing group—just click here for a poster you can distribute.

As you participate in this year’s Worldwide Indexing Event, know that your efforts are helping people experience the joy of discovering their ancestors! Thank you for being a part of this great effort that is helping to Fuel the Find for people around the world!

*What Does it Mean to “Fuel the Find?”

Indexed records are like the fuel that gives the power to connect people to their missing family members. Every name you index adds another drop of precious fuel that can help someone else to find their ancestor. Every search result and record hint depends on indexed records. Without them these instant discoveries would not be possible.



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