New Planner Limits Announced: Help Up to 300 People


On 30 January 2020, the Planner on will be updated with a capacity limit of 300 people on the People You Are Helping list. This adjustment means that you can have a maximum of 300 people in your Planner at any given time. If the Planner currently has more than 300 people, you will need to remove some of the names before adding any more.

Understanding the Names List

When you sign in to and then go to Helper Resources, you see a list titled People You Are Helping. These are the people you have invited to the Planner. Their names fall into one of three categories:

  • People who have received but not yet accepted your invitation
  • People who have accepted your invitation
  • People for whom the invitation and helper access period have expired.
helper list screenshot

The capacity limit is for the Planner as a whole and not for any of the individual categories. In other words, if you have 300 expired invitations, you won’t be able to send a new invitation until one of the expired invitations is deleted.

Removing People from the Planner

Delete people you are helping screenshot

You—the person helping—can remove a person’s name from the list at any time. Just go to Helper Resources, and view the list of people you have invited to the Planner.Hover the mouse cursor over a person’s name, and you will see an option for deleting that entry from the list.

Unaccepted Invitations

The Planner deletes some people automatically under certain conditions. An unaccepted invitation, for example, will stay in the Planner for30 days. After that, it gets deleted. You can still attempt to help the person,but you will need to send a new invitation to do so, which the person would need to accept.

Expired Names

An expired entry is likewise deleted from the Planner after 12months. An expired entry is the name of an individual who accepted your invitation. You then had access to that person’s ancestor information for 12months.

After 12 months, the access expires, but the name of the person stays in the Planner for an additional 12 months—in case you want to send that person a new invitation and begin helping him or her a second time. Any lessons you may have created for the person would be restored.

As you can see, once a person accepts an invitation, he or she remains in the Planner for a combined total of two years—plenty of time to think about ways to help him or her experience the excitement, as well as the blessings, of serving his or her ancestors.

The Greatest Work

Woman helping someone on the computer at a family history center

If you are still reading this article, then you must be someone who uses the Planner to create meaningful, personalized family history experiences for others. Thank you for your service! As you help others discover their ancestors and connect their families in the temple, you are helping to gather Israel. As President Russell M. Nelson has said, “There is nothing happening on this earth right now that is more important” than helping to gather Israel. So please—keep up the good work. Your friends and neighbors are counting on you. And so are their ancestors!

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