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Your family history starts with you. Record your own stories and discover more about your loved ones with these new Discovery Experiences on

You are one of a kind—and your family’s stories are unique, too. FamilySearch now makes it easier than ever to get started with family history and connect with your past. Just start with yourself.

All About Me

Discover things you may not even know about yourself and your history with the All About Me discovery experience. Learn what your name means and where it comes from. Discover just how popular or unique your name is: how many people share it?

With All About Me, you can see how the world has changed (or hasn’t) since you were born. Explore the top news stories for your birth year, learn what the latest technologies were, and even how much it cost to go to the movies. You can also click on another year and see how things were different when your parent, sibling, or a friend was born.

Record My Story

There’s something special about the sound of your own voice. It’s even more special when you’re telling your own stories.

Stories—memories, thoughts and feelings—are how we connect to each other. Use Record My Storyon to capture and preserve your memories and your family’s stories. It’s easy! Choose from one of three options:

Not sure what to say? The Record My Story discovery experience can help! Look at different categories of questions and pick the one that sparks your interest most—or create your own topic.

When you record a short audio message or type your answer, your story will be saved under My Stories and in the Memories section of your Family Tree profile. Listen to it or download it whenever you like.

Picture My Heritage

This one is great fun! Put yourself in your ancestors’ shoes—or more accurately, in their clothing—with the Picture Your Heritage tool. When you use this tool, you’ll see a selection of different places your last name appears across the world in the FamilySearch Family Tree:

Then you can choose your heritage. An interactive screen will appear and let you take a head shot with your device’s camera. You will appear in traditional dress, surrounded by fun facts about that place. (Bet you didn’t know that Scandinavians have been skiing for over 6000 years—and that Lego bricks were invented in Denmark!)

Learn more about yourself and your family—and share your stories—with these new family history discovery experiences. Try it now!

About the Author
Sunny Jane Morton teaches family history to global audiences as a speaker and writer. She is a contributing editor at Family Tree Magazine (U.S.) and content manager for Your DNA Guide. She is co-author of How to Find Your FamilyHistory in U.S. Church Records and author of Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your Legacy. Find her at