A Guide to Navigating the RootsTech 2022 Website

Here are some tips for navigating the new RootsTech website

Welcome to RootsTech 2022! Whether you are here for the first time or you are a RootsTech veteran, come along as we navigate the RootsTech 2022 website.

There are 6 main parts to the RootsTech website. We will explore each feature to help you get the most out of your RootsTech experience.

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Road to RootsTech

Main Stage

Main stage of the RootsTech 2022 conference

The RootsTech conference officially launches with the first general session beginning on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 10 AM MST. To access the Main Stage of the conference, click on Main Stage in the top navigation bar.

On the main stage, you will be able to see a new music video featuring the theme of the conference—Choose Connection. There are 4 general sessions that will be displayed on the main stage, each highlighting 2 global keynote speakers, exclusive industry announcements, discovery segments, and #chooseconnection experiences. Eight global keynotes were filmed at locations around the globe (Paris, Ghana, New York, Argentina, and much more!) either before a live audience or documentary style. All 4 general sessions are available in 11 languages.

The Calendar, available in the menu at the top right corner of the RootsTech website, will display all main stage sessions as well as all live class sessions and panel discussions in your own time zone. Make sure you are signed in to take advantage of this feature.


Click on sessions in the top navigation bar to search through the sessions at RootsTech, and use filters to find what you're looking for.

Explore the vast learning library with over 900 new sessions for 2022 in addition to the 1,500 sessions from 2021. These on-demand and live stream sessions are available in 42 languages. To explore these sessions, click on Sessions in the top navigation bar on the RootsTech website.

This year, we added an enhanced filtering tool to help you select the specific content you are looking for. You can apply 1 or multiple filters or view the entire library of content.

RootsTech Playlist

View the Calendar to make sure you don't miss any live session you are interested in, and sign in to build your own My Playlist of content. Your My Playlist is accessible through the play icon at the top of the website. As you browse through the sessions and read the summaries, click on the + to add the videos you are interested in to your personal playlist. You will have until the next RootsTech event to enjoy your selections in your playlist at your own pace.

Expo Hall

Discover innovative companies, view product demos, and get personalized help from experts. Most content in the Expo Hall is in English.

To go to the expo hall, click on Expo Hall at the top of the page.

In the Expo Hall, you can discover innovative companies and organizations throughout the industry and view product demonstrations and hundreds of vendor classes in the Demo Theater. Make sure to check out each vendor's booth to learn about conference specials. Vendors will be offering personalized help using the conference chat feature. Be sure to visit the Expo Hall early so you don't miss out on any conference-only content and deals. With nearly 100 companies participating, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

For United States residents, make sure to enter the $10,000 travel giveaway from Priceline. You could win the trip of your dreams! See more details about this contest in the Expo Hall.


Use the chat feature on rootstech.org to get help from employees and volunteers, message relatives, and join groups.

The conference chat feature is available during the 3-day conference and is located using the message icon at the top of the website.

RootsTech Chat

The chat feature is composed of either private or public conversations. Private conversations are between you and another individual, Expo Hall vendor, or FamilySearch representative by using Ask Us Anything. Public conversations are available under groups. These include any group that is created by an attendee, session groups, or RootsTech groups. A small group created among friends is a public group, and anyone participating in the conference can view and join.


Use the help feature in the top right corner to get one-on-one help, get help from the community, or talk to someone live.

The help feature is available through the circled question mark at the top of the website. This is the same help icon available throughout all of FamilySearch's products.

RootsTech Help

The RootsTech conference help feature is divided into 3 sections: One-on-One Help, Community Help, and Self Help.

One-on-One Help is the "Ask Us Anything" conference chat available 24/7 during the 3-day event and the "Research Help" virtual research sessions available any time by appointment.

Community Help directs attendees to the FamilySearch Community where anyone can ask or answer questions and join discussion groups.

Self Help directs attendees to FAQs about RootsTech, the FamilySearch Help Center, and experts available during the conference in the Expo Hall.


On the top of the page, click Connection to get involved in the choose connection activities.

During RootsTech, be sure to check out the Connection tab at the top of the RootsTech website. Here you can learn how to participate in the #ChooseConnection social movement, download the Choose Connection song debuted in the opening general session, and discover your Relatives at RootsTech.

Relatives at RootsTech returns this year with new filtering capabilities allowing you to not only drill down your living relatives by location, but filter by common ancestor and identify those friends who connect with you on either your maternal or paternal lines. Make sure to check out this experience that many will be enjoying. Once you find out how you are related to your friends, you can also see if you are related to the RootsTech keynote speaker Matthew Modine.

Do you share a last name connection with your friends? Check out Surname Connection to find out which countries your last name and your friend’s last name are most likely to be found in together.

#ChooseConnection is all about uniting people worldwide while celebrating our diversity and highlighting how individuals choose connection over division.

At RootsTech there is something available for everyone. Come join RootsTech 2022 on 3–5 March and feel inspired and connected in new ways.

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