More Updates to FamilySearch Photos and Stories—October 29, 2013


FamilySearch's Photos and Stories has added a few more updates and features. Many of these updates are labeled on the site as beta features so that we can test how well they work and how well the new features are received by the public.

Increased File Size

The first change you will notice is that we have significantly increased the memory size of picture you can upload. Now you can upload pictures that are as big as 15 megabytes. The previous limit was 5 megabytes.

Link Photos to Living People in Family Tree

You can now link photos and stories to living people in Family Tree. As long as you have the rights to see that living person in Family Tree, you will also see the photos and stories linked to that person.

Upload PDF Files

You can now upload .pdf files to Family Tree. This is in addition to the .jpg and .png files that you have been able to upload in the past. In the future you will be able to upload other file formats as well, such as .tiff files and other format files.

Upload Scanned Documents

You can now upload documents (like scanned sources) in addition to photographs of people.

  1. Go to, and click Photos.
  2. Click Documents.










3.  Read the Documents Agreement, and click I have read and agree to the Submission Agreement.

4.  When the upload button appears, continue to follow the same process you have been using to submit photos. Upload the document and select the people who are mentioned in the document.

Switch Item Type from Photo to Document or from Document to Photo

If you use the beta picture viewer (discussed next) you can change photos to documents or documents to photos. This is useful if you have uploaded scanned documents as photos and now want them to appear as documents. In other words, you do not have to delete a scanned document from your photos folders and upload it again as a document.

To change a previously uploaded photo to a document:

  1. Click My Photos.
  2. Click the item you want to change.
  3. Click View photo in BETA viewer.
  4. Click Options.
  5. Click Change to Document.

New Picture Viewer

The photos area has an improved picture viewer. Right now it is available on the site as a beta viewer. Once all the testing has been completed, it will become the permanent viewer.

To experiment with the new viewer, click View photo in BETA viewer.














The new viewer:

  • Has a zoom feature. This is very helpful if you have a photo of a large group of people, in which the heads are close together or small. Zooming in makes it a lot easier to put tags in the right places on the photo.
  • Has options that let you resize the viewer itself. You can even have the viewer in full-screen mode.
  • Has an option that lets you delete the photo.
  • Has an option that lets you change the photo to a document. You can also change a document back to a photo.














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