Microfilm Distribution to Be Discontinued on August 31, 2017


As a temple and family history consultant, you know that genealogical records are valuable resources to help you prepare and deliver personalized lesson plans that create joyful family history experiences for those you serve. Today you may be using online indexed records, partner access, and microfilm to help people you are working with find their ancestors, prepare their names for temple ordinances, and share their love for their ancestors with others. 

FamilySearch has made significant progress in the digitization of its vast collection of microfilm, making access to records easier than ever. This progress, coupled with changes in the microfilm industry, have made it possible and necessary to discontinue microfilm distribution services. These services discontinue on September 1, 2017. The last day for ordering microfilm will be August 31, 2017.

FamilySearch has now digitally reproduced the bulk of its microfilm collection, with over 1.5 billion images available online. The digitization of remaining microfilms is expected to be completed by 2020. The most requested collections are already available digitally, and all new records are being preserved using digital camera equipment. This growing access to digital images of records allows FamilySearch to reach many more people faster and more efficiently.

Digital images of historical records can be accessed in three places under the Search tab on FamilySearch.org.

  • Records—Historical records indexed by name or organized with an image browse.
  • Books—Digital copies of books from the Family History Library and other libraries.
  • Catalog—Descriptions of genealogical materials (books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and so on) in the FamilySearch collection, including millions of online images not yet available in Records or Books. 

For additional help, see Finding Digital Images on FamilySearch.org.

Stake temple and family history consultants should coordinate with priesthood leaders to manage any microfilm collections already on loan from FamilySearch and determine when to return films that are already published online or otherwise not needed.

Family history centers around the world will continue to provide access to relevant technology, premium subscription services, and digital records. This access includes content not available in the home that can assist temple and family history consultants in their efforts to prepare and deliver personalized one-on-one experiences and help for members and other patrons in their efforts to find their ancestors. 

For more information, see lds.org/microfilm.


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