Many Are Blessed by the Worldwide Indexing Event


With new records set and tens of thousands of people coming together, the Worldwide Indexing Event certainly produced some amazing results. Some indexers experienced a rough start with the server being overloaded at first, but that couldn’t keep volunteers from establishing an all-time record of 66,511 participants in one 24-hour period. Participation during the event was incredible, with more than 18,000 new indexers added to the team. More than 2,800 stakes participated in the event, with 67 of them indexing more than 20,000 records. Some 390 stakes arbitrated at least 1,000 records. By the end of the event, more than 5.7 million records were processed. These results are incredible!

As the event progressed, people all over the world had the chance to link and connect with their ancestors. One such story comes from a man named Chris from Chorley, England.

“As I was participating in the Worldwide Indexing Event, I came across a name that struck a chord with me as a potential for someone associated to my wife's family. I confirmed that the name of this little girl was not listed in our tree and felt prompted that I needed to pursue the details of her family further. I was able to confirm that she is indeed part of my wife's ancestry. I managed to obtain a copy of the little girl's parents’ marriage certificate and her father’s birth certificate. Further research of this little girl led me to find 30 new family names. I discovered that this little girl died soon after her baptism and had ‘fallen through the gaps’ between census records. Had I not found her while indexing, she may well not have been found at all. There are no coincidences; I am sure she led me to the files so that the temple work can now be done to link these family members together. This is truly an amazing work.”

As this brother from England was able to find a young girl needing to be added to her family, others, such as Alan R. from Tennessee, USA, found miracles as they waited for the server to catch up with the surge of indexers submitting and downloading batches.

“I was suffering with the server overload on Sunday evening, so I decided to poke around in FamilySearch on my own family tree. While there, I stumbled upon a sister of my maternal grandfather that I was not aware of. A few minutes later, I found that my grandfather not only had one brother and one sister, but six other siblings! I dug deeper into a couple of census records, and now I have seven great aunts and uncles to take to the temple this Saturday for stake temple day. All I can say is ‘Anna Hanst’ must have been ready to be found, and she’s bringing her brothers and sisters along!”

These are just two of many incredible stories that we have received from amazing volunteers like you that made this day so special. Indexing is a vital step in helping connect generations and families all over the world. If you had a similar experience while indexing during the event, we want to hear about it. Send your story to

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