Let’s Go to Genealogy Boot Camp!

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FamilySearch announces a 27 minute video on the FamilySearch website. The name of the video is Genealogy Boot Camp. It’s listed under the category of Most Popular Courses. I’m always skeptical when any product is billed as “Most Popular,” but after going through the course, I discovered that it has rightfully earned that designation.

This course is presented by Thomas Jay Kemp, a 45 years research veteran of genealogical research. This video is recording of a presentation Mr. Kemp made at the National Genealogical Society in April of 2010. It introduces cutting edge tools that will help genealogists’ discover some excellent family history online websites to use in their research. Mr. Kemp provided an in depth discussion on tools such as:

This video has an amazing amount of relevant and valuable information packed into a short 27 minute presentation. You cannot listen to this presentation and not walk away without something that will help you with your research. I have been doing family history research for more than 40 years and I personally discovered more than a dozen new tools and ideas to help me move my own personal research along.

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