Indexing – The Power to Change Lives

Stake Indexing Director

Doing your own family history work can be a challenge—but even more so is getting someone else involved in doing his or her own work. Where is a great place to start? Indexing! Through indexing, a person is introduced to the majesty of discovering and honoring those who have gone before, he or she becomes familiar with handwriting, and is introduced to the information available on different record types. There is no better introduction to family history.

Indexing is an Essential Part of Family History Work

We all know family history eventually requires some degree of research. Whether that means you find a record that has been indexed and is available on or you are visiting archives and parishes to thumb through old books and copying the record by hand, you are doing research. Searching through books and microfilm is extremely time consuming. Imagine if you could simply type a name into a computer and find every record available for that ancestor? This availability is something many can only dream of because there are countless record collections that are not currently searchable online. Indexing makes these simple searches possible. If searching for an ancestor becomes easier, it enables more people to submit names for temple work.

Consultants and stake indexing directors help make indexing possible. If you are currently serving as a stake indexing director, or are supporting one, we have a great new resource for you!  The Family History Department and have launched a new callings page for stake indexing directors. There are four main resources available for you on the new Stake Indexing Director website. Check them out below.

Curious what your role and responsibility is as a stake indexing director?

Now you can find training with instructional videos, portions from the handbook that outline the duties for your calling, and the To Turn the Hearts guide and videos. Within this main page are two sections called “Why Indexing?” and “Resources.”

Wondering how to train members of your stake?

There is a section on the new website that will assist you in training other indexers and arbitrators. You will find the indexing user’s guide, tutorials for reading old handwriting, indexing and arbitration video tutorials, indexing news and updates, and other how-to videos.

Need help recruiting volunteers?

The website includes the purpose and blessings of indexing, lists of projects available and published, and articles in the Church magazines about success stories and inspiring experiences (Ensign, Liahona, and the New Era).

Struggling to get priesthood leaders or the youth involved?

We offer many examples of how other stake indexing directors have worked with priesthood leaders and involved the youth with indexing records. You may hear other members' stories through videos and blog articles. One of the most recent examples is titled “Youth in Campinas, Brazil, Catch Indexing Spirit.” It is an inspiring story about a director at a family history center adjacent to the Campinas Brazil Temple who invited the youth to participate in indexing. This invitation enriched the temple experience of many youth and increased their involvement.

Over the last year, many stakes throughout the world have witnessed the blessing of indexing in the lives of their members. Individuals who get involved with indexing have their hearts turned to their own ancestors and gain a desire to take their own family’s names to the temple. Indexing truly has the power to change lives not only for those walking this earth but also for those beyond the veil anxiously waiting to be found so they can receive the blessings of the temple.

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