How Do I Teach New Indexers?


More than 18,000 new indexing volunteers signed-up during the Worldwide Indexing Event in July. These new volunteers are excited about the work. Many of them see that indexing records helps people discover their ancestors and take their names to the temple. This is tremendous growth, but as a stake indexing director, how do you keep these new indexers coming back, and how do you train them? Read on for responses to this Peer to Peer question.

Sister Smith, indexing director in the Hobart Australia Stake, found it valuable to send a welcome email to all her new indexers.

“I generally try to send them a welcome email after I receive a notification that they have registered,” says Sister Smith. “The email thanks them for registering, and then I ask if they had any problems downloading the program or getting started. I introduce our new indexers to our Facebook page and then suggest that they share their first couple of batches so I can help them with any problems they may have.”

Sister Smith follows up with her indexers each month and, if possible, visits their homes to go through a batch and answer any questions they may have.

Sister Cheney, indexing director in the Spring Texas Stake, finds that communication is key to helping these new indexers succeed.

“Each ward does it a little differently,” says Cheney. “From what I have seen, the most successful groups talk about indexing in their quorums and other meetings. We also feel that having leaders get involved is key.”

Many of you mentioned how important it is for these new indexers to understand the instructions. It is helpful to explain that indexing may be a bit confusing at first, but the more you index and understand the instructions, the more fun it will become.

“I also remind them to be sure to read the project instructions and field helps as they index,” says Sister Keyes, indexing director of the Victoria British Colombia Stake. “I give several presentations to auxiliary leaders throughout the year and have had several youth training nights, with helpers to assist.”

There are so many ways that you as a stake indexing director can help train your new indexers and get them involved. It is vital that you tell them what indexing is and also why we do it. Indexing has helped and will help millions of people discover their ancestors. These new indexers will conduct their own research and add to their family trees. They will have their own heart-turning experiences when submitting their ancestors’ names to the temple and will, in turn, want to share these experiences with others.

Visit the stake indexing director website for more information on how to help these new indexers and find the latest resources available to you and your stake.– Article by Spencer Ngatuvai

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