Quotes from Conference—Promises and Blessings

Elder Gong and his wife waving to the congregation.

Elder Gerrit W. Gong outlined some promises and blessings related to family history as he said, “Connecting with our ancestors can change our lives in surprising ways. From their trials and accomplishments, we gain faith and strength. From their love and sacrifices, we learn to forgive and move forward. Our children become resilient. We gain protection and power. Ties with ancestors increase family closeness, gratitude, miracles. Such ties can bring help from the other side of the veil.”

He continued, “As you perform temple ordinances for family members, the spirit of Elijah, ‘a manifestation of the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the divine nature of the family,’ will knit the hearts of your fathers, mothers, and children together in love.”

How to Receive These Blessings

Elder Gong gave four ideas of things we can do now to help us receive these blessings:

  1. Gather [your family’s] photos and stories; make their memories real. Record their names, experiences, key dates. They are your family—the family you have and the family you want.” Elder Gong encouraged us to do these things for both the past and current generations.
    The Memories App is a free app that can help you record and save memories.

  2. [L]et the adventure of family history be intentional and spontaneous. Call your grandmother. Look deeply into the eyes of that new baby. . . . Celebrate and become the positive. . . . Let good things begin with you.”
  3. Visit FamilySearch.org,” Elder Gong admonished. “Download the available mobile apps. They’re free and fun. Discover, connect, belong. See how you are related to people in a room, how easy and rewarding it is to add names to your living family tree, to find and bless your roots and branches.”
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    February 6, 2020
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  4. “Please offer those waiting for temple ordinances the opportunity to receive them.”
    As many temples are built and open up around the world, you can always find the closest temple by visiting the temple page on ChurchofJesusChrist.org. Use Ordinances Ready to help you find and reserve names of those who need ordinances performed.

Elder Gong was not the only one to speak of temple promises and blessings. Elder Dale Renlund said, “In the temple, we learn who we are and where we have been. . . . [In temples,] we grow up in the Lord, ‘receive a fulness of the Holy Ghost,’ and become more fully committed as disciples of the Savior.” Those blessings are for the living and for the dead!

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