Frequently Asked Questions about the DC Thomson Family History/FamilySearch Press Release

DC Thomson FamilySearch

What was the FamilySearch and DC Thomson Family History announcement about?DC Thomson Family History, formerly known as brightsolid online publishing, is collaborating with FamilySearch, to deliver a wide range of projects including digital preservation, records search, technological development and the means to allow family historians to share their discoveries. These records will be delivered through, a product of DC Thompson Family History.

How does the family history community benefit?An important goal for FamilySearch is to make it easier and quicker for people everywhere to discover and share their family history. This joint agreement will put valuable historical record collections within reach of a wider audience.

Can you tell me what specific record collections will be shared with FamilySearch?  Available today are collections including births, marriages and deaths covering America, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Around 600 additional collections under this partnership will be announced as they are made available. In general, all of the new records from FamilySearch that will be accessible from within will continue to be available online at

Who will have access to records that are indexed by FamilySearch volunteers?Records that are indexed by FamilySearch volunteers will continue to be available for free to all visitors of  In addition to this, some of these records will also become available through partner sites such as, fulfilling FamilySearch’s goal of making the world’s records available to more people to discover their family history.

What is the benefit to FamilySearch volunteers?Any indexer who volunteers because they want to help others experience the joy of finding their ancestors should feel even more excited at how their gift is being utilized to benefit more individuals than ever before.  Not only will records indexed by volunteers continue to be freely available to visitors of, but some of them will also be accessible to researchers and patrons of other sites and services. In addition, these indexes may be used in a sharing program to make even more record sets owned by other record custodians more broadly available online. The net outcome will always be more records available to more people thanks to the wonderful contributions of FamilySearch volunteers.

Will people have to pay to see records indexed by FamilySearch volunteers?No. Volunteer-indexed records will continue to be available for free at as they always have. If a person is paying for a subscription to a service such as at, they may also have access to these records from within that site.

Why should I do volunteer indexing at FamilySearch?Volunteer indexers play a vital role in helping people discover their ancestors, and to help tell and preserve the story of every individual in every historic document indexed. Family history today is dramatically different than in the past thanks to the internet and searchable indexes. Millions more people are now able to engage in meaningful research and discovery about their ancestors because of the accumulated effort of hundreds of thousands of FamilySearch indexing volunteers. But literally billions of records remain un-indexed, and millions more are added yearly. Each record represents a possible missing clue that will help another person to remember a treasured ancestor and tell their story. The smallest volunteer contribution can make a huge difference for someone else.

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