FamilySearch Wiki Reaches an Important Milestone

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FamilySearch has recently reached a rather significant milestone. Its Research Wiki has just published its 75,000th article. While the number is impressive by itself, the idea that should grab our attention and make us go WOW is the fact that such a large community of genealogists and family historians have worked together to pool their collective knowledge into a single web based library and made it all available to the public—for FREE. It’s like having a worldwide encyclopedia of knowledge for genealogists at your fingertips. This is really big news!

James Tanner, the creator and author of the Genealogy’s Starblog site has written an excellent blog post about this milestone event titled, 75,000 Articles now in the FamilySearch Research Wiki. James Tanner is an expert genealogist and writer. Tanner has contributed several useful articles to the Research Wiki, so he knows what he’s talking about. Click on his article and see what he has to say about this milestone event and see what happens when experts all work together to share knowledge about the world’s records.

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