FamilySearch Memories: How to Add Important Details to Family Photos


Who doesn’t love looking at family photos? There’s nothing quite like ’em for connecting with generations past and present.FamilySearch Memories offers a free and simple way to preserve and share these important photos with family now and for future generations.But, in the rush to upload photos, it is easy to forget to add important details that will help future generations understand what, or who, they are looking at. Imagine the frustration of those future family members as they look at the classic photo of you taking a pie to the face and not knowing the “smart remark” that prompted it!Let’s take a quick look at ways you can add those types of important details to your photos before they are lost in the sands of time.

Add Details to FamilySearch Memories

  1. Title. This can be descriptive, or go for a laugh. A title adds a human touch and gives all who view it a common way to refer to that classic family photo.
  2. People Tags. These allow you to designate who is in the photo and link them to their person page in Family Tree so other relatives can enjoy the photo as well.
  3. Event Date or Place.  When known, these bits of information can be extremely important. Knowing when and where a photo was taken helps those viewing it, at least metaphorically, be in their ancestor’s shoes.
  4. Description. Allows a few more words than the title, so you can explain where this photo came from, who has it currently, and why it's important to be preserved.
  5. Stories. One of the best ways to immortalize a photo is to add a funny, or heart-warming, or informative story that adds details you can’t get any other way.
  6. Comments. Add additional information about how you acquired the photo, how you feel about the photo, and respond to the comments your photo may stir up.

If you haven't uploaded any photos to FamilySearch Memories, you should give it a try. You can use photos on your computer’s hard drive, mobile device, or on services like Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. You’ll be skipping down memory lane in no time.Try FamilySearch Memories on your computer or mobile device: iOS | Android 

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