FamilySearch Launches New Indexing Website

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FamilySearch is excited to announce a newly redesigned indexing website at, and we invite you to come and take a look! This new website integrates indexing more closely with the rest of, making it easier for indexers to know how to get started and find the help they need. The new website sets the stage for more exciting things to come for indexing this year.

Come and see what everyone is talking about:

  • Getting started with indexing just got easier! With an easy-to-navigate overview page and an all-new getting started page, the new website is the perfect introduction to indexing for your ward members.
  • Do you know indexers who are curious about arbitration? There’s a brand new page specifically for getting started with arbitration. Indexers will be able to learn more about arbitration and find out if they are ready to contribute in a new way.
  • Looking for more indexing help? Check out the refurbished resource guide. Now called Help Resources, this page guides you to the help you need for your role as an indexer, arbitrator, or stake indexing director.
  • Struggling with those scribbles on the page?Handwriting Helps is a fun addition to the indexing pages that will help you decipher those scribbles into recognizable characters.
  • Find the projects you want faster! You used to have to scroll through over 200 projects to find the one you wanted; now you can click on an interactive map and filter the project list based on language and country.

Why Is Indexing Important to You?

Do you worry that indexing will take time away from finding ancestors?

The great thing about indexing is that it doesn’t detract from family history research, it enhances it! Many people who index have heart-turning experiences that motivate them to want to learn about their own ancestors. And indexing accelerates the work of family history by making more names searchable for researchers.

In the December 2013 Ensign, a wonderful article shared stories of members involved in the indexing program and the blessings that it brought into their lives. As you read it, consider how indexing can bless the lives of your ward members as you spread the joy of family history in your ward.

Changes Are Coming

The change in the indexing website is just the first step in a total redesign and improvement of the indexing experience. Throughout the coming year, the program will become more integrated with, bringing indexing to your Internet browser, enabling indexing on tablet devices, and much more.

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