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The continued effort to enhance and improve FamilySearch Family Tree now requires the decommissioning of the program that Family Tree replaced, Accordingly, we are announcing the final milestones for retiring

The next milestone is scheduled for February 1, 2015, when all access to the program will be discontinued (data from will be accessible at All public-facing Application Programming Interfaces (API) will be disabled, as well as access via login by all users of the program. In effect it will not be visible or accessible. However, there are still many tasks that our engineers will continue to work on, such as migrating and synchronizing datasets to Family Tree, as well as verifying and validating all data. Because of the enormity of the task and the desire to not lose any data, we can only give an estimate as to how long it will take to complete these final tasks. We believe it will take a year, possibly more, before we can reach the final milestone.

The final milestone, where we completely retire will, therefore, occur in early 2016. At that point, once we are certain that all data has correctly migrated, we will begin work on very important data enhancements for Family Tree including:

  • Merging of gateway ancestors and other famous people (also known as IOUSs)
  • Highlighting and fixing other data issues, such as: individuals who are married before they are born, child older than a parent, child who is a spouse of a parent or grandparent, and such.
  • Ability for users to edit the gender of an ancestor.
  • Ability to see current spouse’s line by default.

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