FamilySearch and Working Together to Make More Records Available Online

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FamilySearch and recently announced a joint agreement to begin a 5-year effort to digitize and index more than 1 billion records from around the world. FamilySearch is excited to be a partner in this significant project that will provide greater accessibility to these valuable records. Building strategic partnerships is and will continue to be an important part of our vision, and we look forward to additional exciting announcements in the future.

This partnership will result in making significant global historical records available to people everywhere. Dennis Brimhall, President of FamilySearch, added yesterday, “Expanding online access to historical records through this type of collaboration can help millions more people discover and share their family’s history.”

FamilySearch will continue to make our records available to the public for free. It remains our commitment to make as many genealogical records and resources available at no cost.

We look forward to more exciting developments as we continue to work with leading organizations in the genealogy community. The future of family history is truly exciting.

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