Activities to Do with Family of All Ages This Summer

A family splashes in the lake together.

Summer is here! During this time of year, people often spend more time outdoors and more time with family. This makes it the perfect time to do summer activities to build those family connections, have fun together, and develop long-lasting traditions. Spending the summertime with family doing fun activities—indoors or outdoors—is a great joy.

RootsTech wants to give you some ideas of popular family history activities to involve people of all ages. RootsTech welcomes millions of people worldwide to celebrate family at the world’s largest family history conference and year-long learning platform. With thousands of classes, inspiring speakers, meaningful activities, and joyful connections, RootsTech brings the human family together like no other event. Get ready to have fun together and build strong bonds!

Family Fun

The best memories are often related to fun moments. That's why it's so important to have fun as a family! Spending time together helps strengthen the bonds of parents, children, and siblings, and creates lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Discover fun family history activities you can do at home as a family.
This engaging activity for ages 8+ helps participants learn how to navigate and use the Activities tab on FamilySearch, and enables them to learn more about their ancestors. Games like this show that Family History can be fun!
FamilySearch has built fun, engaging, and simple discovery activities that anyone can use.
Ideas for lots of activities to get the youngest kids connecting with
their ancestors in fun ways! Beginning early with fun and engaging
activities, will help family history become a part of who they are from
the beginning.
This activity engages youth to get hands-on with their family history. It's fun to see a representation of how the participants came to be where they are now, together in one location.
Have you ever wondered if you were related to someone famous? Famous Relatives will help you figure it out.

Looking for some summer activity ideas that are sure to delight? Here are a few popular activities that are enjoyable for all ages.

Get ideas for fun family history activities to do virtually with your families. These 10 activities are sure to get your children, grandchildren, siblings, or parents excited about family history.
See 20 ideas about how you could help the young people in your life discover family history. They’re simple, fun, and easy to execute.
Learn about the fun activities for families available on the FamilySearch website. There are suggestions for both digital and offline experiences.
This class will provide the ideas and materials you will need to carry out a youth family history activity with a Mission Impossible theme. This activity will allow participants to complete simple missions that will teach them how to use the Family Tree app.
Join Scott and Angelle Anderson to explore this user-friendly, translatable resource packed with fun, meaningful, and relevant family history activities for all ages.
Experience over 200 fun, engaging and meaningful family history activities in The Family History Guide. These are designed for families, individuals, youth, and kids, with instructions, videos, and additional links.

At-Home Family Activities

Some common outdoor family activities involve hiking, going to the park, and water play. But sometimes, that is not possible. Luckily, there are still plenty of activities you can do inside your home. Take a look at these activities for some ideas.

Ideas and activities to do by yourself, with friends, or with the family to get you excited about family history.
Let's explore family history activities to make your next family reunion a celebration of both your heritage and the "here and now".
This fun activity combines simple quiz questions with interactive use of free Irish records to guide players through the census, birth, death and marriage records and land records.
A good story well told is a powerful thing. It is particularly powerful when the story comes from our own family roots.
Sharing and collaboration on Ancestry with Crista Cowan.
Whether you are a homeschooler or simply looking for ways to do family history with your children, this video will provide you with the fun and simple resources you need.

Examples of Tradition

Spending time with family offers the opportunity to create wonderful traditions. If you are looking for traditions to implement in your family, here are some ideas of traditions that have worked for other families to inspire you.

How to define your current family traditions, how to choose traditions for future, and how to create new traditions with step-by-step findings.
In this video, we share how our family tradition of gathering to play games has kept us connected even when we felt disconnected from the world.
Let’s travel back time and discover together with several examples how those beloved recipes traveled through time and space and how to preserve and/or share them best!
What is your favorite food? Record your favorite recipe and the story behind it to learn more about yourself and preserve it for others.
This families grew up together, and Marilyn and Norma had a tradition of getting together to can food to make feeding their families more affordable. They both passed down their canning skills and the tradition of bottling up anything and everything!
Learn about the “12 grapes of luck,” a century-old Spanish tradition that consists of eating 12 grapes before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

There are plenty of activities for your family to develop good family traditions and build family connections. If you need even more ideas, visit! You’ll find plenty of activities for you to do with your family this summer. Get the most out of this summer and have fun together with your family, building relationships that can last forever.

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