Family History Easy Button: Create New Sources in Family Tree from MyHeritage


Every FamilySearch user has been there: you’re on a partner site and have found a new source of information about an ancestor. You want to copy that source over to Family Tree in FamilySearch—and thus begins the copy and paste dance between programs to make sure you capture all that essential information.

Now, imagine being on that partner site and seeing a magic button that will take the information from the record and create a source in FamilySearch Family Tree. Say, a button that looks like this:


Meet the new Attach source to FamilySearch link on With one click, you’ve stored a new source found on MyHeritage to an ancestor in FamilySearch.

This feature is available now and will save you time as you expand your family tree using the great features of

Here’s a simple way to give this new feature a try:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the Person page of an ancestor.
  3. In the Search Records box on the right, click MyHeritage.
  4. Click the name in the MyHeritage search results to see record details.
  5. Review the information and find a record of interest.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the record page and click Attach source to FamilySearch in the lower left.












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