DIY Marketing Guerilla Strategies

DIY Marketing Guerilla Strategies

There are incredible ways to market your family history small business without breaking the bank. The amount of time spent on social media platforms is important to all.

Below are a few ideas that will save both time and money.

  • Create a newsletter. You don’t need to be a writer, just create a relationship with your followers. Use your newsletter to talk about your product. Make your newsletter visually appealing and include the sign-up prompt on EVERY page.
  • Have a Fan page. Many use Facebook as their fan page. If you do use Facebook you can auto post from Facebook to Twitter (
  • Create a podcast
  • Blogging may become the spinal cord of your business

To spend less time on social media platforms and achieve greater results it is a good idea to focus on two maybe three social media platforms. Learn as much as you can about the platforms you have chosen to maximize your use of the platforms.
The next step is to Test which social media platform work best for you. Gathering and analyzing your data will take several weeks. Once you resolve which marketing site is working for you, create a social media marketing plan which includes what days and times you will post. Continually review your analytics and adjust what you are doing.

Use Content marketing to show people what you have to offer. Content marketing is the use of valuable content to attract and convert new customers to your site. Examples of content marketing include: email newsletters, blogs, videos, webinars, event programming, free downloads, social media campaigns and discussion threads.

A Few Strategies for Content Marketing include:

  1. Use freemiums as a tool to initiate a continuing customer relationship.
  2. Pick a content marketing vehicle you can drive comfortably and focus on that.
  3. Don’t worry about giving too much away.
  4. Curate as well as create to engage your audience and crowd-source content for you.
  5. Measure results so you know what’s working.

What is Google looking for when it comes to Search Engine Optimization?
Google is looking for well written, easy to read content. As you prepare your website or blog, it must be mobile-friendly. (Go to to convert to mobile respond) Remember to keep your content keyword rich.

Below are a few keyword Quick Tips for Google recognition:

Use relevant keywords in multiple places.

  1. Social media profiles.
  2. About me section of website and blog.
  3. Blog/Post titles.
  4. Throughout published content.
  5. When naming graphics or photographs.

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