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No one will contest the fact that war is a horrific tragedy. Wars have been a part of human history from time immemorial. From American Revolution to the most recent wars in the Middle East, these dramatic events have, in one way or another, forever changed the lives of all who have lived. Yet, as tragic as war is, it creates some excellent historical and genealogical records.

Military records are an excellent source of genealogical information. Many of these military record collections provide excellent clues to other family members who may be related to a soldier, important events and other places where you can find new family history and genealogy clues. In many cases, these records may contain stories about the events of a person's life that may have been to painful for a soldier to share with others. Military records may be the only place you will ever discover some of these life changing stories.

Below are several FamilySearch Wiki articles that you will find valuable in searching for military records for a person in your family tree.

FamilySearch Wiki Articles:

Below are some of the most popular military record collections available from FamilySearch.Use them to find the military history and pensions of your family’s war veterans.
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