Coming to FamilySearch! A Memories Gallery to Enrich Your Family Tree

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A big change is coming to FamilySearch – and it will transform your family history experience!

Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a new feature on the Memories section: Gallery.

This exciting update is set to enhance how you add, organize, and view pictures and other artifacts from your family tree.

But before we break down all of Gallery’s great benefits, let’s take a look at why and how this new user experience (UX) was developed.

User Experience Issues Limit Usage

The Memories section of the site has always been a place where you can upload artifacts from your family tree. However the experience hasn’t always been intuitive or easy.

Separate sections for photos, stories, documents, and audio files have made it necessary to navigate between pages to view different file formats. Not having one place to see everything made it difficult to find family artifacts. And while content could be organized into Albums, they were challenging to find and use.

Roger Bell, the Product Manager tasked with updating the Memories page, sums up the twilighting UX: “Photos, stories, documents, and audio add richness to a family history, but many people weren’t attaching these items to a family tree.”

Developing a Next Generation Memories Page

One factor has been most critical in redeveloping the Memories page: Listening to you.

We took a hard look at the usability issues reported to our customer support team, using feedback to guide improvements. In order to be sure our changes will foster a better experience, we’ve conducted more than half a dozen testing sessions to fine-tune during development.

The result has been a complete overhaul of Memories. The page now features a streamlined user experience that makes it easier to add, view, and organize family history artifacts. “We wanted to create one workspace for users,” Roger says.

That one work space is Gallery – where all of your photos, stories, documents, and audio files are grouped together. And we think it’s going to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Gallery Features That Help Enrich a Family Tree

Bringing together all of your files isn’t the only major improvement to come with the Gallery feature. We’ve implemented additional changes that include:

Easier uploading. The upload button is now in one place – it’s the big green plus symbol at the top-center of the Gallery page. There’s no longer a need to search around the site to add different media formats to your family tree.

Drag-and-drop functionality. To add photos, stories, documents, or audio files, simply drag memories into the Gallery workspace – or choose a file from a folder if you prefer. Either way, uploading is a cinch.

Intuitive albums. Albums now line the left side of the window. Organize memories by person, lineage, or another category in two steps: 

Step 1: Create an album by clicking “New Album” in the left column, adding a title and description to categorize the artifact grouping.

 Step 2: Add photos, stories, documents, and audio using the upload button to create your album of memories!

Advanced organization options. You can arrange artifacts by many attributes, making it easier than ever to organize and view your memories.

With the Arrange menu in the upper right corner, view artifacts by alphabetical order, newest added, yet to title, and yet to tag.

To filter artifacts by format, use the Show setting in the upper left corner.

You’ll also notice some major functionality upgrades that can be used across Gallery. A “Select” featureallows you to choose multiple memories and drag them to a desired location. Right-click functionality is another time-saving enhancement that lets you organize memories from within a popup menu.

When Can You Access the New Memories Gallery?

Maybe right now! Some people can already access Gallery – check by visiting the Memories page and logging in to your account. For those without access, the update will be rolling out to the rest of the FamilySearch community over the next couple weeks – so keep checking!

The time is always right to preserve your family history with photos, stories, documents, and audio of loved ones. The new Memories Gallery makes it easier than ever - so don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your family tree!


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