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In order to make your searching experience as easy and as fruitful as possible, FamilySearch continues to refine our existing tools. We are also on the lookout for new features that will help you find that elusive and hard to find ancestor who is hiding in the billions of records that make up FamilySearch's online databases. Below are just a few of the features that we are working on. You may see these features become a regular part of the FamilySearch online research experience.

SourceLinker: Attach and Detach Any Person Anytime

When you attach a record through SourceLinker, you no longer have to attach the person you were searching for before you can attach or detach other family members. All Attach and Detach links will function as soon as the information is loaded on the screen.

We have made this change because, on rare occasions, having to first add the person you were searching for caused problems. We also found that the order in which people were attached or detached did not affect the accuracy of the linking.

When you get to SourceLinker from a search, you will be able to mark a person in a record as Not a Match. Currently, you can only mark the person Not a Match if you got to SourceLinker by clicking a record hint.

Occasionally a user plans to attach a record to Family Tree, but after evaluating the entire family, the user decides that the people in the record are NOT the same as those in Family Tree. This feature will allow you to add that conclusion so others can see it and evaluate it.

Online My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together: Existing Stories and 21 More Languages

  1. Use Existing Stories from Others

Currently you can add your own story about an ancestor. But you may not have stories for some of the ancestors in your booklet. This feature allows you to select an existing story that was submitted by another user and display it in your booklet.







  1. 21 More Languages

We are making the online capture tool available in 21 more languages: Albanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Haitian Creole, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, and Slovenian. This will bring the total languages of the booklet tool to 42 and matches all the languages of the printed booklet.

Improved FamilySearch Chat

Chat will be upgraded to a new system. Chat will be more integrated with, providing a better experience for users and missionaries.

Chat will be available only if a missionary is available to chat. You will no longer be asked a series of questions before chat can begin. Chat will create cases that can be managed better by missionaries. Chat transcriptions will be included in the cases and can be reviewed by you in My Cases.







Historical Records Page: Message for Removed Records

It is unfortunate and rare when a previously hosted record must be removed from This sometimes happens because of changing legal requirements with our record licensing. We will continue to show the information about the source to help those who linked to the source and used it to justify conclusions in Family Tree.

If a record that you linked to is no longer hosted on, you will see a prominent message indicating the unavailability of the record. You will also see the original information about the record to help you know where the original record can be found.

Search Results: Sign-in Banner for Unauthenticated Users

A large portion of our search users are not signing in. Some features on can be used even if you do not sign in (like searching historical records). But there are some great benefits to signing in. For one, you can use Family Tree and all the features it provides. Not signing in limits our ability to engage those users in other areas of the site, and it limits our ability to understand their needs.

When users search historical records without signing in, they will see an invitation to sign in with an explanation of one of the benefits of signing in. They will also see a button that will let them create a free account. The message will appear in the fourth row of the search results.












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