A Great Source for Finding Norwegian Ancestors: The Wilhelm Lassen Collection

A Great Source for Finding Norwegian Ancestors:  The Wilhelm Lassen Collection

Do you have ancestors from Norway you are having difficulty finding? Then the Wilhelm Lassen collection may be of interest to you.
Wilhelm Theodor Alexander Lassen was born 2 October 1815 in Gran Parish, Oppland County, Norway, and died in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway 17 February 1907. He was the son of sogneprest (parish priest) Albert Lassen (1781-1835) and Dorothea Andrea Lange (1789-1867). Wilhelm never married.

Wilhelm Lassen’s collection consists of compilations of many Norwegian family genealogies, Post Office personnel, biographical extraction from newspapers, sermons by various priests, guest books of relatives and others, letters written to Wilhelm Lassen, his diaries, diaries of others, extractions of church records, family histories, family pedigrees, and the Carl Lous collection of genealogical information with coats of arms. The collection is available on 41 microfilms (numbers 364476-364516) at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, or on loan at family history centers.

The Lassen collection is arranged mainly in alphabetical order by the surname of the families or by surname of the letter writer. The research is always reliable and may indicate new research methods.

For further information, see the Lassen article in the FamilySearch Research Wiki. See also the descriptive information in the Family History Library Catalog on the contents of each of the microfilms in the Lassen Collection.

If you are searching for ancestors from Norway that you are having difficulty finding, make sure you check the Lassen collection.