A Clarion Call for Arbitrators: Worldwide Arbitration Event


Just as in the Worldwide Indexing Event last year, we are hoping to get as many people involved as possible to help remedy the backlog of more than 6,500,000 images awaiting arbitration! Just think of all the records that can be released once these records are arbitrated, leading to more ancestors being found!

To put the backlog in perspective, imagine that each of those documents represents three people (a conservative estimate). That would mean 20.5 million people are almost ready to have their searchable documents published.

More than 1.3 million names were added to FamilySearch.org every day last year! This incredible resource was due in large part to more than 319,000 indexing volunteers coming together to help make these names searchable online. Countless discoveries have taken place as you, the volunteers, came together to help people find their ancestors. Join together now to help more people find their ancestors as we participate in the worldwide arbitration event this May.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Goal: To help more ancestors be found, reduce the images awaiting arbitration by two million.
  • Start: May 1, 2015
  • End: May 8, 2015
  • Where: The possibilities are endless.

Preparation Is Key

If you are not an arbitrator and would like to participate, click here to learn how you can become a qualified arbitrator.

If you are an arbitrator, use these four essential arbitration tips to make sure you are ready to submit high-quality arbitrated records during the worldwide challenge:

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Read the instructions. Read the field helps and project instructions. Even if you’ve read them before, review them again before April 2015. You might just be surprised by something you forgot.
Text Box: 2
Record match. Record matching ensures that arbitrators use a correct and fair comparison between the information recorded by indexer A and indexer B. Watch this video to learn how to complete this vital step in the indexing process.
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Index. Index from each project you plan to arbitrate during the event. Then continue to index one batch for every 10 that you arbitrate. Indexing (and reviewing the instructions) helps us all stay sharp.
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Arbitrate in your native language unless you have received special training in another language. The highest-quality arbitration work is done by those who proficiently speak or write the language of the documents.

These four tips will help you do first-class arbitration work. Please know that you play a crucial role in helping make these images searchable online.

Join thousands of volunteers as we work to decrease the number of images awaiting arbitration, and increase the number of searchable names that can be added to your family tree.

Mark your calendars today, and prepare to make history!– Article by Spencer Ngatuvai

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