4 Ways Your Family Can Show Gratitude This Holiday Season


During the holiday season, our thoughts often turn to two things: family and gratitude. We want to spend more time making memories with our families. We’re looking for ways to show our gratitude by giving our time, attention, and means to things of greater importance. May I suggest just a few ways you can do both of these things at the same time this holiday season?

  1. Learn about your ancestors.
  2. Have you ever explored the memories feature on FamilySearch.org? You may be surprised by what you find. Here you can connect on a deeper level with your deceased relatives and enjoy special experiences with your children or siblings as you look at the pictures and read the stories together. Show your gratitude for your family legacy by adding stories and pictures of your own. When you meet up with grandma and grandpa at holiday gatherings, you can even record their stories and upload the audio!

  3. Find more ancestors.
  4. For thousands of years, our ancestors have worked and sacrificed, making possible the life we enjoy today. We can honor them and show our appreciation by searching for them and bringing their memories back to life. Make it a family project, and see the purpose that comes into your lives as you discover and share more about who you are.

  5. Help others find their ancestors by indexing.
  6. Indexing is the process that makes it possible to find your ancestors online. Many people view indexing as a way to give back in thanks for the people that made their research successful. Others see it as a way to pay it forward, hoping that their ancestors’ records will also be made available as more documents are indexed. Whether you have a lot of experience or a little, indexing can be a great way to serve.

  7. Teach someone else how to use FamilySearch.org.
  8. Don’t you think it is amazing how technology has made it so much easier to do family history compared to just a few years ago? Share your excitement for this amazing technology by teaching someone else what you know. Many people have the desire to do their family history but don’t know where to start. You can do a great service by getting them started.

Tell us in the comments what you are thankful for and how you try to show your gratitude.

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