4 Easy Ways to Discover Your Ancestors in 5 Minutes or Less


Your family tree holds all sorts of discoveries about you and your ancestors. Here are 4 ways you can learn about your ancestors in your FamilySearch family tree.

New to FamilySearch?

Some of the discovery experiences below work best if you’ve already started your tree on FamilySearch.org. Learn how to get started, or visit a family history center for help.

1. Which ancestors gave you your good looks? Compare your face to your ancestors, and see who you look like the most.

2. What did your ancestors do for work? See what your ancestors did for a living, or learn whether they were at home or at school when a census was taken.

3. What else do you know about your ancestors? Check the FamilySearch discovery page to find out whether your ancestors were Church pioneers, missionaries, and more!

4. Ever wonder if you’re related to your friends (or that person you’re dating)? Instantly find relatives with this mobile app.

  • Open the FamilySearch Family Tree app in a group setting. (For this feature to work, the other people around you will need to follow the same steps.)
  • Create an account, or sign in.
  • In the bottom right corner, click the More tab.
  • From the list, click Find the Relatives around Me.

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