2014 Indexing Year in Review


It is hard to believe that 2014 has already come and gone. Did you accomplish the goals you set for last year? Hopefully, you were able to shed those few pounds, find the love of your life, or snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps you finally learned how to make an omelet or, better yet, crack an egg without pieces of the shell turning up in your soufflé. Whatever your goals were for 2014, we hope that you were able to accomplish them. For FamilySearch indexing, we have had quite a busy year.

Do you remember the Worldwide Indexing Event that took place in July? More than 66,000 volunteers came together to index at least one batch and set a new record for the most participants in a single day. We were overwhelmed by the incredible stories that you shared with us about your experience during the event. And who could forget Captain Jack Starling when he announced the launch of obituary projects at RootsTech 2014? His famous slogan of “dead men tell no tales, but their obituaries do,” still resonates through the halls of FamilySearch.

Anticipation is high for the new indexing program as we began beta testing this past year. We have received great feedback from many of you and hope to see many of your good suggestions incorporated in the new program in the near future. Last, thanks for helping decorate our Christmas tree this year. Would you believe that we nearly surpassed the record for the most volunteers in a year—the record that was set in 2012 during the very popular United States 1940 census indexing effort? Who knows what we can do in 2015 if we set our minds to it?

We are so grateful for this past year and all the exciting things that happened, but most importantly we are grateful for all of you! In 2014, 167,790,821 records were indexed and arbitrated and 319,286 volunteers participated. As volunteers, you have continued to surpass our expectations. We have seen you achieve your indexing goals time and time again. We hope that this year you will help even more people find their ancestors by making more records searchable online than ever before.

As you set your New Year’s resolutions this year, what are your indexing and family history goals? Whether you try arbitrating for the first time, index your first batch, invite a friend to volunteer, or focus on your favorite indexing project, we hope that you will find joy in knowing your contribution helps people all over the world.

Share your indexing goals for 2015 by commenting below or sending us an email at fsindexing@familysearch.org.– Article by Spencer Ngatuvai

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