Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

Family history is something you create every day. The best way to do family history and connect with your family is the way you live day to day. As you try these activities focus on these concepts:

Seek Inspiration

As you prayerfully review these ideas, you will know which activities will best help your family and how to adapt them for your family’s needs.

Be Real

Be authentic and personal about your own history and your family’s heritage. Your children can learn as much from your mistakes as they can from your successes.

Stick Together

Families that get the most out of these activities do them together. Parental involvement enhances the experience.

Keep It Short

An activity less than 15 minutes works well for many families. Start with one idea from one card.

Be Spontaneous

Family history doesn’t have to be a big, planned event. Simply start an activity or have a conversation.

Talk Together First, Then Use Technology

Most of these activities can happen through simple conversations. When technology options are available you will see this icon.

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