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Family Collections

Many people collect things: coins, rocks, trophies—even bugs! Collections represent things that are important to us. Learning about what family members collected can help you appreciate them in new ways.

Possible Activities
  • What type of things have you collected or are you collecting now? Why were those collections important to you? What memories do you have as you look through your collections today? Is there something you would like to collect? Start now!
  • What kinds of things have others in your family collected? Ask them to tell you about what they collected, why it was important to them, and to show you their collections if possible.
Go Digital
  • Take a picture of items that you or a family member collected and upload it as a Memory on FamilySearch. Write a brief story about the collection based on the questions above, attach both as a Memories in FamilySearch.
  • Consider sharing your FamilySearch memory on social media with other family members.
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